Local Video Marketing

Oh, boy, have things really evolved over the several months since we first built this site…

Although we love our work  with video — and although the videos we produce could greatly help your business gain more attention, that’s not all we want to do for you.

No, what will really get your phone ringing off the hook is the way we’ll improve your ranking in Google (or other search engines).

If you hadn’t thought about it, most of your future (and even past) customers have now abandoned things like the  Yellow Pages and  newspaper ads for a quick browse in their favorite search engine.  In fact, while they might check on a computer at home, they’re just as apt to search for your kind of help on their smart phone.

Unfortunately, there are a ton of people around Tampa who do what you do, and it’s just too easy for your company to get lost in the shuffle.  And, whether we like it or not, the best chance of getting a call for help lies in your company being listed at least on the first page of Google, if not at the very top.

That’s where we come in…  On your say-so, we’ll design a plan of attack that will include — at the least — a social media campaign, exposure through YouTube.com, search engine optimization (SEO), advice about your website, and a number of other methods of exposure still in the works.   Our aim:  that your company will be the first in potential customers’ minds when they need your kind of help.

Of course, pricing has to be high on your list of concerns.  Not to worry, though…

Local Video MarketingWe’ve arrived at a very reasonable price to get you underway.  Thereafter, we’ll set an extremely fair monthly fee for our ongoing work of keeping your company ranking high and constantly in front of your potential customers (trust us, that this is an ongoing project).

We don’t bite, either — 🙂 …  No, we look forward to discussing all of the above with you, easing your mind, and explaining as best we can all we aim to do for you.  Just click the nearby photo, complete the very brief Contact Form, and we’ll talk.

Lastly, information about our pricing and options can be found under two category headings up above:   SERVICES  and $PECIAL$ .

While on the subject of finding things here within this site, let us quickly describe what each of the links up top involve:

HOME = here you’ll find the very latest updates in reference to the whole site.

ABOUT US = helps new folks in the Tampa and Central Florida area get to know Brenda and Dennis a little more.

BLOG = like most blogs, this is a spot where we can add regular diary-like entries and advice relative to Local Video Marketing.

CONTACT US = where visitors might find our contact info — like our telephone number and email address

SERVICES = is where visitors can find all the ways we might help their business.

$PECIAL$ = as the dollar signs might suggest, this is where visitors will find our latest deals or discounts.  Most of these are on a countdown, and the given deal will be gone as soon as the counter hits zero.

Ooooops…  Before we end, how about the theme to the above video?  Oh, we know more promo won’t mean a lot to some businesses.  However, to most of us it’ll mean a world of difference.  In fact, it’s our hope that any small expenditure you make on promotions will truly help expand your customer base.   As importantly, our taking over that kind of work frees the business owner to do what he or she does best:  satisfying your current customers.

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