• A Local Video Marketing Thumbs-up and Thumbs-down

    This blog was originally published on October 15, 2017



    As I kick this off, I think I might preface the main topic with some personal stuff (trust me, that it'll eventually impact on that thing about an important Local Video Marketing thumbs-up and thumbs-down problem)...


    In later life, I thanked my lucky stars for a lifetime spent in sports.  It all started at age-10, it eventually had me playing three sports to a fairly high level into my 20's, before I transitioned to 40+ years in coaching (mainly in ice hockey).

    Some might think that sport successes build character, but even the greatest players don't get to be successful for very long.  So, I'm sure that most athletes and coaches who lasted any length of time would tell you that it was their ability to fight through tough times that led to their true growth.


    I laugh and joke now about overcoming adversities as a player -- like enduring broken noses and broken fingers, torn ligaments, probable concussions in a day when no one cared about such things, and double-session football practices in 100-degree weather in a time when taking a drink of water was seen as a sign of weakness.


    If you haven't been around team sports that much (beyond the youth level), you might not realize the mental abuse an athlete can face -- some of it intentional, and some of it just being the way things have always been.  Everyone generally gets their turn as "It", being dressed down and raked over the coals -- in front of teammates, or even in front of onlooking fans .   Ya, you either go home crying at such things, or you suck it up, and grow some rather thick skin.  (Little wonder I'd laugh half the time years later as an Army NCO thought he was going to get under my skin -- nope, I'd already been blasted by some of the best!)


    You'd think that would all end once a guy switches to coaching -- ya, you'd think...  But I could go on about my experiences with this.  The great Paul "Bear" Bryant explained a coach's working conditions best, though, when a college professor complained about The Bear's high salary (I'm paraphrasing here)...   "And how many people sit and watch as you conduct a final exam?"  :)  No, I never coached before the 55,000 who usually watched Bryant coach, but I can tell you that any of us who have worked at a fairly high level have endured similar highs and lows, including the cat-calls, boos, and even profanities directed from above.  And it can sometimes be worse, as the press shoves a microphone in your face after a disappointing loss.


    Phew.  Sorry, but I did feel the need to mention all that, just to let visitors know that I'm not your run-of-the-mill marketing guy.  Naw, I make decisions differently than many others.  Don't get me wrong here, because I'm not saying my decision making is better, only that it's different.  And, of course, all the experiences noted above (and more) are going to reflect on the topic at hand, as in those thumbs-up and thumbs-down things. Okay, so while doing my usual daily research into the very latest about video and marketing, I ran across a new form of technology.  This had to be about 6-months ago, with that rough timing being important to this discussion.  As I read on about that technology, I noticed that it was being promoted by a guy (and popular MLM-er) I've followed on Facebook for quite some time.   I mentioned the article to Brenda as soon as I finished it, right there and then letting her know about my thumbs-up and thumbs-down feelings. 


    My kinda outside the box approach to coaching had me keeping my mind open for a time, while it was easy to identify the thumbs-down aspects to that program.  Number One on that list?  How many people could actually be turned off if they were "targeted" by that new technology?  Hmmmm...


    As a thought for others who work a lot online, I keep a folder full of bookmarks labeled as "Wish List".  Actually, that might be a good description for some items linked in there, but that folder also includes a lot of items I'd describe as "down the road".  In other words, I'm not ready to deal with something right now, but I'd like to take another look at it "down the road".


    Anyway,  it's kinda comical that two things happened almost simultaneously within the past week...


    Brenda mentioned to me that a women in one of her Facebook marketing groups was promoting the same kind of program I'd described to her months ago.  I think the group's comments over time were mixed between thumbs-up and thumbs-down. And, while I'm not able to comment in that "women only" group, I'd have surely suggested there was no right or wrong in this matter -- at least just yet.


    At the same time the most heated debates were taking place in the above noted group, I received a surprise in my inbox.  You bet:  it was about the latest seeming hot topic, with the sales info confirming a lot about the benefits it could provide to some of our Local Video Marketing clients.  On the other hand, of course, there were the thumbs-down feelings Brenda has described to me, as well as some of what other detractors have mentioned in various groups.


    Well, here's what your favorite outside the box marketing guy decided to do...  I quickly put together and posted the following video in a number of Facebook groups, as well as in my Facebook stream...



    Understand that the jury was still out for me, and the links to that new form of technology was still in my Wish List folder.  That's why I was introducing the above video in numerous locales with, "If you run a Tampa area business, this video recently raised quite a stir in several biz groups:  your thoughts?" If you get my drift, I was looking for more input, beyond Brenda's and my personal feelings, and beyond the comments I'd seen to that point in the above noted Facebook group.  And, I did get a number of pretty good comments, from a few who liked the idea, and from a few who had serious reservations. Then...  Ya, then...  Something made me pull the trigger.  I mean, I wrestled with all the thumbs-up and thumbs-down, and I rationalized that it wouldn't hurt a single bit for us to have such technology in our Local Video Marketing bag of tricks.


    Speaking of our "bag of tricks" -- and explaining better my decision to buy that program...  I ask the reader to take a quick browse down the list of options on our SERVICES page (you won't lose your place by going there).  My hope is that a visitor can see that we're not a one-trick-pony, but instead we offer a growing list of ways we can help Local Video Marketing clients.  As a matter of fact, we offer package deals within which we promise to use "all the right assets" suited to a given niche.  Yes, as Brenda and I explain to prospective clients, no two companies are alike, and no two should follow the same exact marketing approach.


    Okay, I'm showing you all the assets we currently have at our disposal for a reason (although that list of services will surely grow, based on the way I keep exploring new ideas with each new day). With that, notice that the so-called new technology is not yet listed in either of our groups.  No, as anyone with a Catholic upbringing might appreciate, that program is currently sitting in our form of Purgatory, and awaiting further evaluation.  On the one hand, I guess we'll have to keep watching that thumbs-up and thumbs-down thing, until we think it's swung enough towards a positive direction.  In the meantime, we honestly can't see taking peoples' money until we feel all the kinks have been worked out.  Then, even if or when we do advertise that product, it's very likely we'll only include it in a full marketing package. Of course, all along I'll be putting on and taking off my coaching hat, always looking for ways to help our clients win their games.

  • Which voice is better?

    This blog was originally published on June 21, 2017


    I promised in my last blog post -- "Leave It To The Geeks", that I'd let my readers in on an interesting secret.  So, here goes...


    Before I get going, though, I wonder if you liked the "talking avatar" that greeted you to this post.   Actually, after listening often to the two avatars I use on my major sites, I find I like the one here best.


    Is there some science to that?  Hmmmmmm...


    Well, as it turns out, there have been some studies done in that area, and they've pointed towards more online listeners preferring females voices over   males ones.

    That bit of news has influenced my work -- plenty.  I've used more and more  lady characters in my work, and I've stocked up on more female characters  than guys.


    That doesn't mean that I'd necessarily avoid using a male to act in a rugged kind of business.  I'm not one to buck science the rest of the time, though.


    So, just in case you're thinking about using someone to do a voice-over in your local video marketing, consider sticking with what studies tell us, and go along with the voice listeners seem to prefer.


    PS:  I was thinking of an earlier post here this afternoon, when a business newsletter hit my inbox.   I mean, I loved this quote:

    "The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither." - Confucius




  • A Bit of Video Marketing Genius

    This blog was originally published on May 31, 2017.


    I posted the following video in social media the other day, suggesting it was "a bit of video marketing genius".  Why so?  Well, how about watching a little of that movie -- you don't have to watch it all -- before I explain myself...

    Up front, let me say that I'm not endorsing anything here -- other than an advertising approach.  Yes, I do "vape", although I don't currently use Lizard Juice products.  I was put on that company's emailing list a long time ago, though, and  that's why I receive their videos and other blurbs on a regular basis. Actually, I believe that company has only been producing videos for a very short time.  So, while it was really that part of their promotions that I labeled a bit of video marketing genius, I'm going to go so far as to make one more claim...

    While that video surely is a sign of marketing genius, I'll also suggest that all their other tips -- whether in video or written form -- do a lot to sell both vaping and their company.

    For example, down the right side of their email were links to articles on:  "Switching from Cigarettes to Vaping", "Ohms and Wattage 101", "Avoiding That Burnt Taste When You Vape", "Does CBD Oil Work?", "Coil Building", and more.

    If you're not getting the drift here, Lizard Juice is doing a lot more than most other vaping companies by educating their customers (or potential customers).  And, that's something I'll highly recommend to my Local Video Marketing clients.   For sure, I'll help my clients with their own bit of video marketing genius, but we ought to also go a lot further with the above described educational approach.

    If you become my client, do you need to emulate the guy up above -- as something like a "talking head"?  No, not really, unless you're comfortable doing so.

    If you browse all the videos on the Home page, you'll notice some of our capabilities (while there are even more that haven't yet been explained or shown).  You should get some good ideas, though, including the possibility of showing the owner, the staff or the company work area in the background with one of my professional speakers out front.

    Oh, and let me end with something kinda cute and funny...  Every time Brenda and I enter a local auto service station, the guy at the desk grins and tells us how much we remind him of a couple in a local TV ad.  If you're reading this in the Tampa Bay area, you might know that couple as the husband and wife who run "The Diamond Store".  (I usually joke back and suggest that the only connection is that the two wives make up for their husbands not looking so good.  :) ) Why do I tell this story?  It's because that couple from The Diamond Store has become sooooooo familiar, I'm sure anyone reading this can envision them right off the bat.  It's the playing and replaying of their videos (or TV ads) that have done it, and etched their faces -- and even their voices -- in our minds. Better yet, their ads are cute, and they make the couple very likeable.  So, if you're looking for a comfortable atmosphere in which to inspect some jewelry, might theirs be the place?  Ya, I think so. My point...  Although the guy in the above video isn't as cute as either of the young ladies I've just mentioned, he's going to grow on email customers with time, they're going to get comfortable with him, and they're going to eventually trust his opinion. So, once again, is Big J's thing a bit of video marketing genius?  Ya, I'd say so, and I'd also suggest he has a slight head start on some of my Local Video Marketing friends.