• Some Twitter Friends Don't Have A Clue!

    Okay, I know I came off a little gruffly with that title but, while Brenda and I surely do love most of the folks we connect with -- on Twitter and throughout social media, it's true that many folks there don't have a clue.

    Now, we have Mirriam-Webster's online dictionary to thank for the following excerpted definitions:

    In one, "Social" is defined as being "marked by or passed in pleasant companionship with friends or associates..."

    In yet another, it defines "Social" as "relating to human society, the interaction of the individual and the group, or the welfare of human beings as members of society..."

    The definition continues with "tending to form cooperative and interdependent relationships with others..."

    Mirriam-Webster goes on quite a bit from there, but I hope friends have already gotten the idea -- or the intended meaning of "social", as in "the interaction of the individual and the group..."  And I also hope our friends make that connection with what we all refer to as "social media".

    Up front, I give a little leeway to certain Twitter members -- like major news outlets and maybe some celebrities -- having a kzillion followers without following many of them back.  Ya, I get it, that they perceive their jobs as needing to spread (worthwhile) information to their followers.

    Beyond those unique Twitter entities, however, I think it rather rude that others believe their tweets are more valuable than yours or mine.  In other words, "I should follow and listen to you, but you don't think I have anything of valuable to say?"  I DON'T THINK SO. 

    Actually, get a load of this trick...  Having been on Twitter almost since it started, I've come to understand how some Twitter members will follow me, then drop me as soon as I've followed back.  They might think there's no harm done, but there is.

    First, they've violated that "social" trust described above.

    Secondly, the process of a large number of members unknowingly unfollowing us can get you and me in trouble with Twitter.  I mean, Twitter only allows us to follow a certain percentage of people beyond the number who follow us.  And when we reach that number, Twitter will prevent us from following anyone new.  Ya, you read that right:  because of a few jerks, we're unable to follow someone we really like, until the problem gets fixed.

    How to fix the problem?  I use a free program that helps me weed out those who are no longer following me.  Personally, I've put it into my diary for every Thursday to "Clean Twitter".  So, while Brenda and I haven't yet had to worry about this in our Local Video Marketing account, my long established Coach Chic hockey account is now at least close to even at 15,000-plus followers and following. 

    Aaaaah, yes, that new Local Video Marketing account.  Sadly, that's what caused me to start reeling at my 'writer about some Twitter folks not having a clue.  Sorry, but it's true.

    I can only guess that a lot of my early contacts there only joined Twitter because someone told them it was a good business practice.  They never considered that the idea there is to be "social", or sociable.  I see it in their river of tweets -- like real estate ads, one after another.  And I absolutely know it when they never follow back.  I see it in their profiles, too, if they have only 20 or so followers.  Ugh.  (In just a few weeks, we already have 50 Local Video Marketing followers.)  That tells me that they're blasting info out, without realizing those 20 or so followers are the only ones reading their messages.  (Double "Ugh!")

    How did I get my relatively large following for the hockey account?  In one word:  by being "sociable".  And in this case, I'm also suggesting that I've always been "polite" or "courteous"...

    When someone follows me, I always follow back.  And, when someone retweets one of my posts, I go out of my way to search their stream to retweet an equivalent message.  And that brings me to a good one... 

    Whether on Twitter or Facebook, my stream tends to be a mixture of fun facts or articles and posts meant to help our business.  Of course, I'm glad when someone likes the fun facts and such, but you know I'm praying that our business posts get shared or retweeted.  And, don't you know, I've become accustomed to a very few who go out of their way to only magnify our least meaningful posts.

    With that, real estate and construction people, as examples, ought to consider which of their tweets they'd really like shared.  If it's the meaningful ones you'd like help with, consider doing the same for your friends.  Help them, and hope they'll help you.  (If they don't, consider sending them this blog post.) 

    In closing, I'm only suggesting that newbies to Twitter consider the "social" -- and the presumed give and take -- aspect of that medium.   Be polite and reciprocate whenever you can.  And, of course, forgive me for the rather crude title to this blog post.  :)

    Hoping to see you over on Twitter.

    PS:  Want to learn tons more?  Take advantage of this TOTALLY FREE video course on Modern Social Media Marketing.

  • Let Us Bring Your Facebook Business Page Up To Date

    This blog was originally posted on September 29, 2017.



    We'd love to bring your Facebook business page up to date, and that means putting both Brenda and Dennis on the job for you!

    Probably more than any other social media site, Facebook seems to be constantly changing.  Most casual users needn't mind this, but if you run a business, it's a totally different story.  In particular, a  Facebook business page is loaded with opportunities to better connect with and better inform potential customers.  And, no one knows how to make a  Facebook business page work better for you than Brenda.


    Of course, one of the most exciting updates to come along in some time is the opportunity for us to place a video atop ones Facebook business page (like the samples seen below).  That's where Dennis comes in, creating just the right visuals, audio and message to greet potential customers to a given Facebook business page.


    Okay, so what are we offering here?  We're talking about a total make-over to one of social media's most powerful sales tools:   the Facebook business page.   And we're talking about putting two creative specialists to work for your business -- Brenda on the page itself, and Dennis on the video.  And, of course, we'll work closely -- and back and forth -- with a business owner, to ensure the job gets done to satisfaction. 


    As for samples of Dennis' Facebook business page cover videos, here are two -- one designed for the top of our "Local Video Marketing" page, and the other for a page called "Better Health & Wealth".  As one might imagine, some videos need to be very business-like, while some can be more on the whimsical side...

    We look forward to local business owners contacting us -- through the adjacent Contact Form, so we can schedule a free consultation, and then start the process of bringing your Facebook business page up to date.

  • Leave It To The Geek

    This blog was originally published on July 19, 2018



    :)  Okay, I apologize that I can't repeat the above title verbatim; nor can I give exact credit -- I only know that I heard it on one of a half-dozen business oriented podcasts I listened to this afternoon.  To paraphrase, though, here's a rough idea of how it goes...


    "The best advice one can give to small business owners is that they leave promotions to the geeks, and spend their total energies on satisfying customers better than others can."


    As an aside here...  I was recently asked to put together a video for a Facebook fan page.   There was a reason I chose a young lady as a mascot for that video -- or the "person" to star in it, and I'll share that reason in a future post.


    I know you or any other client wouldn't accept just any mascot to represent a company, nor would I do that in the video I was preparing.  So, I actually created one that few others could ever copy.


    The program I used was quite similar to the "cut-out paper dolls" my younger sister used to play with.  (You can see some of those cut-out parts I've included here.)


    I then went about creating a voice to match that new and unique mascot.

    How much time did that all take me?  Well, because there were some complications, my work on that project spanned close to an entire day.


    Of course, there's likely a big difference between you and me -- or in the amount of time we can devote to such a project.  Seeing a new video all the way through -- beginning to the end -- is what I do.  On the other hand, losing an entire day creating and then fixing and re-fixing a video to fit special parameters might keep you from beating your competition.  And that's why that Internet guru suggested you leave it to the geeks -- like me?   :)

  • Facebook's New Video Option 

    This blog was originally dated June 16, 2017.


    My guess is that all our Facebook friends who own "fan pages" received a notification as shown above and off to the right.  It's a little small and muddied, so I'll repeatFacebook's new video option

    "Tell more of your story Instead of a cover photo, now you can use a video..."

    Then it goes on to tell some basic parameters.

    Actually, the above pics were gathered from Brenda's fan page, "Better Health And Wealth", and she was the first to notice Facebook's new video option.  Once she let me know about it, though, all I could say was, "Wow!" Ya, I mean Wow! I've been reading for a long time, that Facebook has wanted to see more video used within its pages.  So, while "Live" was one major step towards that end, encouraging the use of a video in each user's fan page is yet another biggie to me. I'll tell my faithful readers something else, too -- or, I'll share a pretty educated guess here, in that a Facebook page with video is going to gain a lot more visibility than those with the old static photo.  Said yet another way, if Facebook likes video, there's going to be something in it for those who add video to their pages. You have to know that I went scrambling to be among the first to have a video on my page.  And I spent the afternoon creating the following...


    Now, something you ought to know, if you plan on creating your own fan page video.  I had to learn it the hard way, but that's what I do...

    What I'm getting at isn't so surprising -- if you've worked much with Facebook.  In other words, they don't often make matters easy for their users, and they hardly ever give us all the information we really need.

    So, what I discovered after an hour or so of producing my video was that it didn't exactly fit the space provided.  And, no sliding the video around was going to help at all.  Ugh.

    If you'd like to see how my second attempt came out, take a look at my fan page:  "Local Video Marketing" (and please Like it while you're there -- :) ).

    Give it a try, though, and see what I mean.

    Of course, if you don't really want the hassle, you know I love that kind of challenge.  And I'm willing to satisfy Facebook's new video option for you.  Just complete the Contact form off to the right, and let's talk.


    I have a feeling Brenda is going to be asking me to produce a video for her Facebook page tomorrow.  And I'll show you how that looks as soon as I'm done.