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    This blog was originally published on August 22, 2017


    This one might be up for debate but...  My understanding is that we only get a one-time try at starting a new YouTube channel properly.  Sorry for not divulging my sources on that one, dear readers, but that's why our Local Video Marketing channel sat in hiding for better than a month.


    Then, something kinda laughable...  A little research shows that I was dragged onto YouTube on June 10, 2011, by a long ago techie partner.  At the time, the subject of that video ("Balance In The Forward Stride - with Coach Chic") was pretty controversial in ice hockey circles, and it got me bashed more than a little.   Fast forward to about 5-years later, though, and my thesis has been accepted and supported by scientific journals and most top hockey skating specialists.


    I only resurrect this story about my first-ever YouTube experience, so I could draw some important comparisons between then and now.


    My partner led me to believe that anything I had on YouTube.com back then put me light-years ahead of other hockey coaches (and I suspect that was so).  It wasn't long after, that I started slowly adding new videos onto my own "hockey channel".  In fact, I dribbled different kinds of videos into that channel with little regard for search engine optimization, keywords, or whatever.  I also cared less about "Likes" or "Subscribers", but mostly about whether hockey folks from around the world enjoyed or learned from my random posts.  Oh, well...


    Oh, man, did Brenda and I do a lot of research before pulling the trigger on our new Local Video Marketing channel.   And, not only did we pick the brains of all the top YouTube gurus, but we also armed ourselves with some (rather expensive) programs that promised to boost our videos and our channel beyond most others. What we chose as our first entry was titled "Why Use Video For Your Business - 2017", that just shown below... 



    Now, if you watched that, you might appreciate why Brenda took a little negative criticism from a lady over in one of the Facebook networking groups.  The lady's complaint had to do with my video not including all the dazzling things I'd hinted at in the video.


    I just sat there shaking my head, as Brenda told me what the lady had said.  The best I could do, though, was to explain myself to Brenda.  I mean, I have already produced dozens (upon dozens) of videos for this Local Video Marketing site, each one in some way or another showing off all the bells and whistles I have at my disposal.  Ya, I've shown several different ways of using whiteboard (or blackboard) drawings in my videos, I've had things spinning in and out of scenes, and I've used all sorts of transitions, special effects, intros, outros and more.  But, no, for that first video I didn't want a single distraction -- and I made it just about the facts.


    One thing I could have told that woman was that my first simple video was sent out to nearly 60 other video hosting sites within seconds of posting it to our YouTube channel.   Not noticed by the naked eye was that it also contained certain hidden properties that I doubt many others would know about.


    And that brings me to a few social media friends asking me recently if I'd give them some feedback on their YouTube channels.  Of course I'd take a look but, it wouldn't be my job to say much more than a brief compliment or two.

    In each case, I was able to offer a pat on the back for the pretty good video production -- I mean that.  What I didn't have the heart to suggest was that it didn't look like much had been done towards getting lots of views down the road.


    Please -- please -- please...  Do not take that last paragraph as a real negative.   No, don't forget that I hadn't a clue about SEO and other special video posting tricks until that became a big part of what I do.  Same thing with Brenda, in that she's had to cram like crazy to become familiar with new software and new programs that aren't always that easy to grasp. Please don't let me discourage anyone, either.  As my long ago partner might suggest, maybe something on YouTube is better than nothing.


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