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    This blog was originally published on September 30, 2017


    I'm really psyched, because we just came by some awesome whiteboard type videos for our Local Video Marketing friends!  Before I get going on that, however, let me show you a sample "whiteboard video"... 

    If you didn't know beforehand, a whiteboard video is one that includes a lot of drawing.  These tend to be kinda mesmerizing (if you didn't notice), and they tend to captivate the viewer so that a company's message is seen (and heard) all the way through.  Oh, and if you didn't know, while the above type is sketched on a simulated greaseboard, we also have some "blackboard videos" (as if they're drawn on an old fashion blackboard). Getting back to being psyched...  What happened -- and it happens often in the circles we travel within -- is that I was able to purchase over seventy professionally produced whiteboard videos, all created with pro-like scripts, professional voice-overs, and some amazing graphics.

    Let me comment further on that large quantity, because buying in such bulk makes it possible for us to  really drop the costs of a video for our Local Video Marketing clients.  Of course, we still have to do some customizing for a each purchaser...


    These videos come with plenty of space to add a business' logo and contact information.  I'll go a little bit extra for my friends, too, by adding some attractive graphics or effects where they might prove proper.


    As for the videos I was able to grab, here are just some of the niches that are covered:  accountant, auto insurance, auto repair, bankruptcy attorney, bookkeeping, carpet cleaning, real estate agent, catering, chiropractor, electrician, fencing contractor, financial advisor, fitness center, flooring expert, handyman, locksmith, home insurance agent, landscaper, moving company, painter, personal trainer, pest control, plumber, roof repair, storage facility, travel agent and weight loss.  Making things even better, a number of those niches are covered in different types of videos, in videos done by male and or female voice-overs, and even to reflect different specialties within a given niche.


    Please visit our website for more information www.localvideo.us and schedule an appointment to speak us because we would love to speak with you.




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