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    This blog was originally published on October 1, 2017.



    If someone once said, "A picture is worth 1000 words," what do you think a video is worth? Well, we raise this point, partly because a so-called "talking avatar" might be difficult to describe in words, but oh-so-easy to show you...   Interestingly,


    many online viewers really enjoy cartoon-like characters.  And they especially like it when such a character greets them upon the opening of a webpage. We use them in our work, too, sometimes having a talking avatar greet our visitors, and more often having a character greet our visitors and then direct them to a certain "call to action" -- like so... 



    See lots more SAMPLE AVATARS by clicking the inked texts.


    Our hope is that the earlier video explained our Talking Avatars fairly well. However, if a website owner has some questions, we'll be ready to help anyone who responds in the adjacent Contact Form.  As for pricing, it's based on a single talking character and approximately a 1-minute long script, plus a modest monthly maintenance fee (there is some maintenance involved from our side of things). $75 US* to create and install a talking avatar $35 US/monthly maintenance fee.  There's no problem with constant changes (maybe to accommodate new sales announcements, for example), while we ask that at least three business days be allowed us for such changes.  An interested party should complete the adjacent Contact Form, and add “(Video Logo)” alongside the Company Name. 


    Please contact us to see if a talking avatar service is available to a company outside North America.


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