Let Us Build You A New Video Logo 

    This blog was originally published on October 2, 2017



    If branding is as important as most marketers believe, it makes sense to brand any videos we create.  And that's best done by having our company's logo shown at various times during each video production. Of course, a company will have to have its own logo (or Let Us Build A New Company Logo For You). We did just that, by previously creating our own small logo -- a little camera -- to represent "Local Video Marketing".   We then jazzed that a bit with some streaks and sound effects, we added some music, and... 


    Imagine having something like that at the start of each company video.  It's short and sweet, or exactly what our audience wants as it readies to discover all the important information to follow.


    Then, looking for an excuse to create another sample logo, I recently made the following one for Brenda's pet project, Better Health and Wealth...



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