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    This blog was originally published on dated June 10, 2017


    Now, let me start by saying that this being a "sample" sports program ad might be a stretch to some.  In other words, I created the following video in 2009, or at a time when online video had to be in the old 4 by 3 aspect ratio, and it was in was rendered in the faster loading FLV format of that time.  So, as you watch the following, please allow for the graininess, etc...

    Please notice that I did dub this post a sample "sports" program ad, because I know it could be used to promote or recruit for any kind of sport.  I played baseball and football through semi-pro -- and I coached them some, too.  So I know I could have created just as good an ad, if I had the necessary video footage or photos. As much as I apologized because of the old format, understand that my video pulled a ton of students.  I mean, I had to turn people away, for a lot of years, and for a lot of reasons...

    Sure, my reputation around the Massachusetts and Rhode Island areas -- and word of mouth -- helped plenty.  However...

    a sample sports program adIf you think about it, that video was out and working for me around the clock.  And, I have no doubt that the action clips and the included information caused many parents to return to and watch it a lot more times than just once.

    Knowing the sport as I do -- a lot like you might know your sport or business, I could focus on the things that really tend to matter with new hockey parents.

    Yet another beauty was that I always prepared this kind of sports program ad far, far in advance of a clinic's start.  My brochures were out in local pro shops early, and they included a link to the site where that video could be found.  My fairly large emailing list also contained a link to that site, as did all the snail-mail we sent out.  Better yet, my secretary had the luxury of pointing telephone callers towards that video in any way they preferred.

    All that said, I wonder if you might be envisioning right how you'd put together a similar kind of sports program (or business) video.  For sure, anyone producing such videos nowadays can do them in hi-res and in the new 16:9 ratio. I had the luxury of many years worth of video footage, but anyone could create just as stirring an ad using great photos.  (I'm picturing right now an automotive repair shop, a hair salon, different kinds of professional offices and more.

    Just because I mentioned photos up there, don't start thinking what I often label a "snooze fest", or a static website.  No, moving the pics along quickly to some fast paced music and a narrator's voice is a lot more exciting and attention grabbing to any site visitor.

    In closing, I hope I've provided enough advice to help some visitors create their own sports or business promo video.  I don't mind sharing what I can, while I still stand waiting, in the event you'd like me to create a similar kind of video for you.


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